Marnus & Juanita



This was one of the best surprise engagements that I got to photograph on the 25th of August 2018.


Firstly, this isn't your ordinary surprise engagement.. Azita (the dog) got to ask the big question on behalf of Marnus. :)


Marnus was always teasing Juanita that Azita (her dog) is her number 1, so while on a business trip, Marnus drove to Grootbrak to fetch Azita in her home town to bring her to Wellington (Where Marnus is staying).


On this weekend Marnus texted Juanita, while she was doing school preparations (as she is a teacher), that they are going for a couple shoot and that she must meet him at this specific spot just outside Wellington.


Marnus wrote the proposal note on behalf of Azita that read out: "May Marnus be number one in your life from now on?" 


How original?? :)


What a beautiful story!














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