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This is a remarkable woman and also one of the strongest I know! Her journey hasn't been easy at all. With permission I can tell her story to others as an inspiration to never give up.

In the year 2009, December the 10th, which was also her 18th birthday, she received terrible news.. She was unfortunate to be diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, also known as Gland cancer. Just before her biggest grade 11 test series in high school.

Through her chemo she still went to school, wrote tests and participated in events where she could, and despite of her circumstances, she never gave up, held her head high and told herself she would get though the tough times, although there was very difficult times also.

She began with chemo in 2010 in her matric year, she went for 16 chemo sessions. It started with once every 2nd week, later once every 3rd week and then once a month, her stem cell numbers wouldn't go up which resulted in that she couldn't get any chemo therapy. So it went on until she was clean.

In 2012, exactly 2 years later, the chemo came back, after another years fighting, in 2013, she went for a stem cell transplant.

Today - to be exact, the 23rd of October 2017 will be the day she is 4 years clean! What a blessing!

This is her; a soft, strong, independant and very beautiful woman, celebrating life!

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